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GIZMO GriTubes
No More Dowel and Sandpaper! Long-lasting, quick-cutting, 150 grit. Packaged with four tubes, 1/4"-3/8"-1/2"-3/4" (diameters approximate).

Gizmo Precision Winder
  The GIZMO Precision Winder/Counter/Torque Meter
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GIZMO Precision Freewheeler Front End for Rubber-Powered Model Aircraft!
Revolutionary New Product for the Freeflight in new sizes and configurations!

PFW-01 Parts Pack
  GIZMO PFW Parts Pack
Sleeved Clevis, Three Clevis Pins, Winder Attachment
PFW-02 PFW Rebuild

GIZMO PFW Rebuild / Customizing Pack
Extra Prop Shafts, Plastic Drive Dog/Spinner, and Tension Spring

  GIZMO PFW Adjustable Nose Button Unit (includes Screwdriver)
As installed in the PFW Units - Simple, accurate thrust adjustments (use in lieu of simple nylon nose buttons)
  GIZMO Hex Driver
This comfort-grip, hex-ball tipped driver, offers quick fit simplicity. Hex-Ball driver works at angles off perpendicular.
  GEEZER Props
1.25 : 1 P/D - available in 7", 8", 9.5" and 10"
Instructions for GG FF produocts

Instruction Sheets for All the GizmoGeezer Free Flight Products!
Learn about how a product is used before you decide to buy...

Be a Winner with a Gizmo PFW
  In The Winner's Circle!
The GizmoGeezer is pleased to present people and their models — with Gizmo Precision Freewheeler Front Ends installed — who are in the winner's circle.
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