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Revolutionary Product for the Free Flight Enthusiast!

Fully-Assembed Front End with Molded Plastic Propeller and Spinner

"My Avenger won at Geneseo AND Muncie in 2009... Of course it has the Gizmo unit and I swear by them!! Many of my other planes have one, with the usual ease of use and confidence I have come to expect." Pat Murray




The GizmoGeezer has combined engineering design, advanced manufacturing, and the "smarts" of many experts to bring you the Gizmo Precision Freewheeler! For the modeler who demands the best technology, this state-of-the-art, thoroughly-tested and contest-proven Front End virtually eliminates those performance-robbing rubber motor and propeller management problems associated with the free-wheeling propeller style of model aircraft.

Although designed for P-30 and Rubber Scale, any model ranging in size from large Peanut Scale to small Old Time Rubber will definitely benefit from the features described.


Order a new Hex Driver - Thrust Adustments are a Breeze!

Automatic Transmission Mechanism!

This unique mechanism efficiently and precisely couples and decouples the freewheeling and the drive functions to independently manage each to its maximum efficiency. The device senses when the motor's effective power has been used and then shifts the motor into "park", while at the same time shifting the propeller into "freewheel". This action ensures that some tension always remains in the motor to keep it taut between the nose block and rear peg preventing the glide-destroying random bunching that often occurs when using long motors. At the same time, it guarantees the same low freewheel friction flight after flight. You save time and hassle because there is no longer any need to braid the motor! As a matter of fact, braiding the motor will tension the rubber and prevent the freewheeling mechanism from working properly.

Adjustable Thrust Line!

"Don't you just hate those ugly shimmed-up nose blocks?" The Gizmo totally eliminates this problem by allowing you to make very precise thrust-line changes up to 10° using the three built-in micrometer screws. The screws are conveniently adjusted from the front with the nose block in place. A combination Hex Key/Anchor Pin is an included accessory.

No Rubber Hook!

The knots in the rubber motor next to the hook often arrange themselves in a way that causes the motor to whip while unwinding. This results in power-robbing vibration that greatly reduces duration. The Gizmo includes a removable, twist-lock style Sleeved Clevis not previously seen! The sleeved clevis is very compact, leaving more room for the motor . . . and you'll be amazed at how smooth the motor runs!

Front End Options for Scale and Non-Scale Models

The freewheeler comes fully-assembled, ready to install, with one of two prop drives. The first is the spinner, unchanged since the introduction of the Gizmo over 10 years ago, that gives an airplane 'look' to performance and scale models alike. The second front end is the drive dog. Originally a plastic moulded part (still apparent in some graphics on this site) the hook has been replaced by a new drive dog (pictured below) specially redesigned for scale model builders. This option is more lightweight and is compact enough to allow installation of a larger custom or vacuum-formed scale spinner. The hubs on the 8" and 9.5" props have been shortened to better fit the spinner, which also improves scale appearance.

Robust and State of the Art!

The Gizmo is lightweight and injection molded from high-strength nylon to provide long life and reliable performance. The prop shaft is a hefty .055 inch diameter, supporting a high-performance molded plastic prop with (P/D = 1.25 to 1). The Gizmo is very reliable when the instructions are followed!

User Friendly!

The removable Sleeved Clevis and molded Winder Attachment let you disconnect the Front End and use a "blast" tube while winding to pack in the maximum turns. An Anchor Pin accessory slides through the hollow motor pin in the Sleeved Clevis to support the wound motor while the prop assembly is locked on.

Step into the Winner's Circle, like Pat Murray, with your model equipped with a Gizmo PFW.

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Other Great Benefits!

It Simplifies...
  No need to use rubber bands or other devices to hold the nose block in place.
Park It...
  A fully-wound motor may be "parked" so that you don't have to hold the prop while waiting for a thermal.
Take Your Pick...
  Available with an 7" prop (PFW-70), 8" prop (PFW-80), 9.5" prop (PFW-95) or 10 prop (PFW-100). . . fit them to all your models!
Customize It...
  Front End parts are finished in silver ready to paint.
It's Ready To Go!
  The Gizmo is completely assembled and ready to install. The detailed installation and operating instructions will have you ready to fly in minutes!
Look at the Extras!
  Your kit also includes:
- Winder attachment
- Combination screw driver/anchor pin
- Extra sleeved clevis pins

To view a diagram of a typical installation, click here.

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