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Responding to Our Customers' Suggestions,
We Now Offer The Following Accessories For
he GIZMO Precision Freewheeler Front End

PFW-01 Parts Pack
  GIZMO PFW Parts Pack
Keep extra parts on hand in case you lose them!
This PFW-01 Pack contains a Sleeved Clevis, Three Clevis Pins, and Winder Attachment.
$3.95 US
PFW-02 Rebuild / Customizing Pack

GIZMO PFW Rebuild / Customizing Pack
The Original Gizmo Precision Freewheelers, are packaged as a ready-to-install unit, including only those items necessary to install the GIZMO in your model and go flying! We now offer, for those who wish to rebuild or customize the unit, this PFW-02 Pack, which includes two extra Prop Shafts, Drive Dog/Spinner, and Tension Spring. Install a Czech prop, or your own carved or formed balsa prop. Detailed instructions for PFW re-assembly are found on the PFW Rebuild Instruction Page.
$3.95 US


GIZMO PFW Adjustable Nose Button Unit (includes Screwdriver)
This is the unit installed in the Original Gimzo Precision Freewheeler Front End Units. The Adjustable Nose Button Unit, PFW-03, offers simple accurate thrust adjustments as described in the PFW Instruction Page. It's great for coups and larger old time rubber models with carved balsa props. Fits .055" diameter prop shafts. For those of you who requested it... here it is!
$4.95 US


GIZMO Hex-Ball Driver (for use with Freewheelers and Adjustable Nose Button Units)
This comfort-grip, hex-ball tipped driver DR-06, offers quick fit simplicity. While Freewheeler and Nose Buttons are complete with screwdrivers of a simple hex key design - this Hex-Ball tool works at angles off perpendicular, and will be a great addition to your field box!
$3.95 US

You can also buy GizmoGeezer nose buttons at:

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