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Detailed Assembly Instructions for
Rebuilding and Customizing
Gizmo Precision Freewheeler

1. Introduction:

The GizmoGeezer understands that in the course of optimizing model performance modelers search for the ideal component configuration to bring out the best in each of the diverse types of model, with needs ranging from aesthetics, to personal preference, to requirements of particular contests they may enter. The PFW-02 Rebuild and Customize Pack will let you make the Gizmo Precision Freewheeler suit your requirements, while keeping all the advantages it offers.  

2. Rebuild and Customize

Although it is unlikely that the prop shaft will bend, even in a severe crash, if this happens the prop shaft must be replaced by rebuilding the Front End. The Gizmo will work with most props, including the silver molded plastic "Peck" units in sizes from 7" to 9", 9" Czech and your own carved or formed balsa props. Some scale models do not have spinners, so a molded Drive Dog may be substituted for the Spinner. The Drive Dog will also allow the fitting of three- or four-blade props.

3. Rebuilding the Gizmo

When rebuilding the Gizmo to retrofit prop or prop driver, the following instructions must be followed to the letter. At the factory, we use special fixtures to precisely set the operating parameters of the Gizmo. This geometry is destroyed when you take the unit apart and must be re-established when re-assembled. The Rebuild and Customize Pack contains two Prop Shafts, a Spring, and a molded Prop Drive Dog/Spinner.

Both ends of the Prop Shaft are bonded to the plastic parts with Cyanoacrylate adhesive. Soaking the ends in debonder will make it easier to take apart.
Ensure that the prop shaft hole on the replacement prop is reamed out with a #53 or .059" (1.5 mm) drill so the prop shaft does not bind.
Be very careful when using thin CA glue close to the Gizmo it might wick into sensitive parts making them useless.
The Gizmo will not work with a bent prop shaft.

14. Things to Remember Some important PFW reminders...

a)   The Gizmo doesn't require lubrication but must be kept clean and free of dirt/dust.
b)   Ensure that there is clearance at the rear of the nose block for the Clevis assembly when the thrust line is offset.
c)   Make sure that the head of the Hollow Clevis Pin is under the molded retainer on the Clevis.

See below for complete disassembly and re-assembly instructions.

Take It Apart:

Take It Apart

Put It Back Together Again:

Put It Back Together

Put It Back Together

Made in Canada