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Free Flight Propellers

The GizmoGeezer has had manufactured 7", 8" 9.5" and 10" propellers. Propeller shaft hole accommodates a .055 dia prop shaft. Props can also be ordered "as is" (with original hole size) if desired. Individual props are available for US $1.50 each for 7" (Item PRP-70); and for US $3.25* each for 9.5" (Item PRP-95) and 8" (Item PRP-80) and 10" (Item PRP-100).


Try GizmoGeezer Props to give you superior performance in Science Olympiad competition.

As you'll soon find out, in Science Olympiad competition, the winning models use propellers that offer the best performance when matched to the rubber motor - GizmoGeezer Science Olympiad props are pitch-optimized to 1.25 to 1 pitch-to-diameter ratio. Most students have best results by purchasing our 9.5" prop and cutting it down to a diameter of 8". This action improves the aspect ratio of the prop (by increasing the relative width of the blade) along with increasing the pitch-to-iameter ratio to almost 1.5 to 1. Using a sharp knife like a box cutter, scrape the blades to about half their thickness, thereby reducing the overall weight of the prop. To further reduce the weight, and upon request, we will grind the prop hub down to one half its original depth (final blade shaping is done by the modeller). This significantly reduces the weight of the prop. This feature (at no extra cost) is only available with orders from Gizmogeezer Products.

If you need a prop for Science Olympaid, or are organizing in your school and need bulk propellers for Science Olympiad, these are the props for you! We are happy to offer a 10% discount for orders of 10 or more propellers for SO participants.

Please indicate that you are ordering propellers for Science Olympiad competition as these do not have the prop shaft hole bored out.