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Where We Are...

We live in the beautiful "Bridge City" — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada — in the heart of the Canada's Wheat Belt. Saskatchewan's population is about 1 million, with half those living in the two major cities, Saskatoon, and the province's capital .. Regina. We also have forests in the middle third of the province and mining in the north, consisting of gold, diamonds, and some of the world's richest uranium. Tho' some folks find it hard to believe, tourism is a large part of our economy, partly because of the great hunting and fishing that brings our southern neighbors to visit.

The Bridge City

The province is about 600 km across (350 mi), with lots of open spaces for flying model airplanes. There are enough trees, however, to lure any model to trouble. We belong to the Hub City Modeling Club, which consists of 98% RC modelers. The field we fly in is usually sown in clover, which can get between knee-deep and hip-high, making finding models challenging and wading to them "breathtaking".

Here's the Big Picture...
Looks like we're out in the middle of nowhere — but what Fresh Air and Wide Open Skies!