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Who We Are...

While we consider ourselves lucky to have met so many of our customers at Geneseo, Perris, Gainseville, Denver, and the Kibbi Dome, for those of you we have yet to meet, here we are.

The GizmoGeezer — free flight enthusiast, mad scientist, crackpot inventor, and all 'round loose cannon — is actually Orville (Orv) Olm in real life.

Orv is shown here winding his Foamy-Olmy-2 P-30 at the 1994 Canadian Nationals for its third and event-winning flight. This model features an early prototype of the now-famous Gizmo Precision Freewheeler Front End.

Note the outfit — typical of the well-dressed Western Canadian free flighter — lucky flying hat, pen to mark down scores cooly clipped to collar, binoculars and stop watch slung around neck, rubber boots to keep spear grass out of socks and long-sleeved pullover to ward off mosquitos. This get-up looks pretty strange on a warm and sunny day!


Marcy Green is both the life- and business-partner of the GizmoGeezer, and together they operate GizmoGeezer Products. Marcy keeps customers supplied with great products (while the GG is out "product testing").

Marcy's shown with Ganagobi, Lacy M-10, Bostonian, and the bones of her favourite - Tiger Moth that won the Walt Mooney Peanut Craftsman Award at the FAC Nats in Geneseo in 2002, and third in the 2000 Peanut Scale Event ... thanks to a gentle, but persistant thermal.