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User's Guide for the Gizmo Precision Winder
Click here for Torque Meter Guide

Effective November 15, the new winder is available.
Contact us for counter and torque meter information.

The Gizmo Precision Winder is a precision tool designed for the discriminating Free Flight enthusiast who demands the very best equipment in his or her tool kit. Intended to complement the popular Gizmo Precision Freewheeler Front Ends, the Winder is designed to twist rubber motors of up to eight strands of 1/8" wide Tan II, or larger motors up to a maximum torque of 24 oz-in. The energy input to the motor can be constantly monitored by a Turns Counter and a sensitive Torque Meter (Optional). Other great features include:  

— Torque-Sensitive Crank Handle —
The Crank Handle slides along a slot in the crank arm to allow the flyer to adjust the crank moment to suit the application. Winding speeds of up to 20 turns per second are possible when the Handle is in the inner position (to the right in the diagram). Start winding in this position, and as the torque builds, the friction clutch in the handle, along with the shape of the slot, causes the Handle to automatically move out (to the left in the diagram), increasing the leverage to complete the winding process.

Our New Crank Knob now has an adjustment feature that makes it possible for the model flyer to custom set the sliding friction of the Crank Knob. A lighter setting will allow the knob to be torque sensitive. This means that if the knob is initially set for high speed winding and the output torque increases, the knob will automatically move out to give more mechanical advantage. If you do not desire this feature, you may tighten the Friction Adjusting Screw (see diagram) until the sliding friction is such that the knob's position may be adjusted but is high enough to hold that setting while winding.


— Turns Counter —
This electronic turns counter is designed to provide accurate turns data when fitted to the Gizmo Precision Winder. This counter has four large .236" high digits that are easy to read and can count to a total of 9999 turns. The counter is powered by a long-life internal battery and features an on-off switch (on the bottom of the case) that also resets the counter. If the counter is turned off when not in use, a battery life approaching the shelf life of the battery (up to four years) may be achieved. The counter will not miss counts even at the fastest cranking speeds, up to 35 counts per second. Remember to turn off the counter when not in use in order to give long battery life. To reset the counter to zero, turn the counter off for several seconds and then on again. The display will now show one zero.The counter also features a handy chart of the estimated breaking turns for various motors. Please note that this is only approximate due to the varying nature of different batches of rubber. The only sure way to know is to do your own tests using this winder.

Changing the Battery:

1.  Switch off the counter by moving the on-off switch on the bottom of the counter in the direction away from the winder.

2.  Using a sharp blade, cut the GizmoGeezer decal on the front of the counter at the case separation line as shown in Photo #1.


3.  Carefully hinge the case open as shown in Photo #2.

4.  Pull the silicone-tube retainers (purple) pointed too in Photo #2 off their posts.


5.  Carefully pull the counter module out of the top half of the case as shown in Photo #3.

6.  Using a Q-tip or balsa stick (do not use a metal tool as it might damage the module) push the battery out as shown in Photo #4.
7.  Insert a new battery (1.5V button cell type 386 or SR43) carefully observing the polarity shown in Photo #4.
8.  Place the counter module back into the top case and secure it with the two silicone-tube (purple) retainers.
9.  Hinge the case back together and secure with a strip of clear (Scotch) tape over the original decal.
— Rubber Motor Hook —
The Hook is easily removed (to fit the Torque Meter) by loosening the Thumbscrew (see diagram), sliding the hook collar forward and then pulling the hook tang out of the hole in the output shaft. This hook may then be attached to the output shaft of the Torque Meter (for more information, see instructions included with the Torque Meter). The Hook also features a Retainer (see diagram) which is designed to prevent the accidental loss of the Gizmo Precision Freewheeler Winder Attachment (not included with the Winder). To remove the Winder Attachment, slide the Retainer towards the Thumbscrew and off the hook. The Winder may now be used for other winding applications. If you wish to fabricate a custom hook, use .055" music wire. We would emphasize here, that it's extremely important to tighten the Thumbscrew securely and check it regularly.
— Tactile Feedback —
Six ball bearings in the Winder and one in the Torque Meter allow the expert flyer to "feel" the torque build-up on the motor while winding.
— Rugged Construction —
The Winder is designed for long, reliable service. All alloy parts are aircraft grade aluminum or chrome plated die-cast zinc. The shafts are 304 grade stainless steel and the resin used for the molded plastic parts is Nylon ST (super tough). With reasonable care, this precision instrument's fine features will provide the ultimate in service and convenience.
- Special Notice to Winder Owners -
Ensure that the attachment thumbscrew is very tight and check it regularly.

Happy Flying!............the GizmoGeezer

Click here for Torque Meter Guide

Made in Canada