Bob Clemens Is In The Winner's Circle
With His Lee Campbell Majestyk P-30
With Gizmo Precision Freewheeler Front End Installed

Congratulations, Bob!

"The Majestyk, built from the Lee Campbell kit, is a truly fine flier and took First Place in P-30 at our Empire State FF Championships at Geneseo last August. It flies on four strands of 3/16" Tan II. Power-to-glide transition with the GG freewheeler (PFW-95) is virtually seamless."

Bob also sent us photos of a couple of his other models...

"The blue and white scale model is a Helio "Courier," built from the 30" Herr laser-cut kit. It flies well and is a great match for the larger GG prop unit (same as used on the Majestyk). The wing is held in place with magnets. It's a smooth and realistic flier. Weight is 83 grams."

"Here's my own design Embryo Endurance model for FAC competition, the "Lancer." It uses the smaller of the two GG units (PFW-80). It has an excellent glide. It's new, and flew it at Muncie in September at the Midwest FAC contest. I believe it will be very competitive in 2002. Based on what I've seen with this model, I believe GG units will prove very useful for Embryo Endurance ships."

"By the way, all three photos were made using a Kodak DC4800 digital camera."